Top 6 Best Nail Colors For The Beach (Bonus Ideas)!

Summer is here, and it’s now time to take advantage of the cooling ocean breeze and warm weather! There’s no other feeling that can even start to touch how peaceful it really is to listen to the softly crashing waves and feel the warm sand sinking in between the toes.

It is the ideal time for breaking out the cutest swimming suit and basking in the summer sun. All you need to do is work out what color the nails will be for this seasonal occasion.

Best Nail Colors For The Beach:

The top summer colors are almost always gonna be bright or light. Your search for the ideal nail color for the beach is gonna be teaching you a few methods utilized by painters and each other types of artists.

You’ll also be utilizing the colors of the beach outfit or swimsuit for determining what colors the nails ought to be next. Let’s discuss color theory. You perhaps know more than you think about color theory.

Remember in elementary school when you’re taught about secondary, primary, and tertiary colors? That’s actually part of the color theory. The deeper you go into color theory education, the more you know about which colors complement one another and how.

You can also acquaint yourself with how certain colors make the majority of individuals feel. This theory was actually begun back in 1666 by Sir Isaac Newton and has just been expanded upon in recent years. Chroma, hue, and lighting are also vital parts of the color theory.

Hue is actually what the color seems to be, with descriptors like green, yellow, red, and numerous more. Chroma defines how pure a color really is and whether or not that color has a grey tone, white tint, or black shade.

Lighting refers to how saturated or pale the color really is. There are 6 color schemes in design: analogous, monochromatic, split-complementary, complementary, tetradic, and triad. You can make the 6 arrow color schemes’ shapes by utilizing a color wheel to figure out what color is gonna work great for the outfit.

  • Entrancing In Red:

There’s no color as flirtatious and sensual as red. According to the color theory, red instills pleasure into those who put it on. If you have chosen a red swimsuit, you are gonna require a few bold and strong colors.

Entrancing In Red
Entrancing In Red

The lighting and chroma ought to be at similar levels, denoting that if you’re wearing light or dark red, you ought to make use of the nail polish that has the same amount of tone, saturation, paleness, tint, or shade.

Red looks yet more dazzlingly passionate when paired with a deep pink or orange. Such 3 colors are the analogous color scheme. Orange and red embody the exquisiteness of the burning fire. Red and deep pink make for the classic romantic combo.

You can also have a little fun with the main colors. Nothing says summer more than the main colored, inflatable beach ball. Yellow, blue, and red make up a triadic color scheme. You can also choose iconic casino colors, like white, black, and red. The moon manicure was first worn in red by Hollywood actresses in the 1920s and 1930s. It is the ideal touch for a sophisticated summer afternoon.

  • Cheerful Orange:

Color theory mentions that orange gives the majority of individuals a sense of wish, and what’s more wanted than a trip to the beach? The orange outfit will look great with white or black nails. Orange and black will give you a more amazing look.

Cheerful Orange nail polish
Cheerful Orange

Orange and white are a bit tidier and cleaner. You can even choose a natural-colored nail, thanks to how orange matches almost each skin tone. If you are searching for a look that’s as hot as fire, try choosing yellow and red nails.

Nothing says summer love, such as yellow, orange, and red! Such an analogous color scheme will never disappoint you. You can also pair orange with honeydew or Kelly green. It’ll give you a more flowery look.

  • Sunny Yellow:

Putting on yellow in the summer sun is vibrant and refreshing! Even softer yellow tones are astonishing with the sandy beach background. The swimsuit might be a bright yellow, but do not be anxious to paint the nails a lighter shade of yellow than the swimsuit.

Sunny Yellow

Try pastel yellow for a subtle and bright shade of yellow that goes anyplace with you, whether it is the refreshing ocean waves or the restless work week that comes before the beach trip. If you are searching for a more tropical color set, paint the nails orange or green for going with the yellow swimsuit. They also create an analogous color scheme.

If you love tropical flowers, you can take a little inspiration from the crepe ginger flower and pair the yellow outfit with the white nails. The Hawaiian Bamboo Orchid appends a rich purple to the yellow and white combo. Yellow, purple, and white make for such a serene set of colors.

  • Blue As The Ocean:

The clear ideal color for the beach is a beautiful blue. We already know what an amazing summer combo the main colors are, but blue can actually be combined with more than just red and yellow. You can always get the nail color inspiration from the 1950s pin-up sailor girls.

Blue As The Ocean
Blue As The Ocean

They’d frequently pair dark and light shades of blue with white for mimicking the 1950s sailor suits. The color combo also looks like foaming sea waves. If you want to append a bit more color, try pairing blue with teal and purple!

The analogous color scheme offers the feeling of coral in the air. Such clean colors spread feelings of honesty, happiness, loyalty, and optimism. You can even mix lighter and darker shades of blue.

  • A Green Machine:

Green can be one of the hardest colors to locate pairings for that are not messy or just greener. The unusual trait that green has is that it looks astonishing when paired with any other green shade, whether that is lighter or darker.

A Green Machine
A Green Machine

You can always match the nails with one of the top summer treats, watermelon! A lot of individuals also love combining lighter shades of green with white. It sends out a clean, tranquil feeling. The darker shade of green will be harder to pair.

A soft lime green outfit pairs great with equally light shades of honeydew and cyan. Tea green looks amazing with sea green or gray. Kelly green and forest green make for a beautiful monochromatic look. Lighter shades of green also blend well in rosebud red. Green will give the majority of individuals a sense of ease, according to the color theory.

  • Pleasantly Pink:

Pink outfits are surprisingly versatile and adorable! You can always pair a soft pink with a baby blue for a pure and sweet look. You can choose a tetradic color scheme by mixing baby blue, pig pink, cantaloupe orange, and lime green.

Pleasantly Pink

Such colors are ideal for the summer walk on the dock. They are festive and light without being overwhelming. If you’re putting on a deep pink, you may desire to choose a diverse set of colors. Deep purple goes well with the hot pink. The color pairing might remind you of the 1980s, but is that an immoral thing?

Turn up Cyndi Lauper on the radio and have a little fun! You can pair hot pink with chartreuse for the candy-like watermelon design! You can also append little black specks to look like seeds! Another lively combo is hot pink with teal. With such colors, your look will be bolder when the color is brighter.

Beyond Color:

The color scheme actually acts like the guidelines and solid base for the nail designs. There are more facets to nail design than only the colors utilized. You ought to also contemplate what type of pattern you desire on the nails.

Beyond Color nail polish

Even if you do not have numerous types of paintbrushes, there are things that you might have lying around the home that you can make use of instead, such as a toothpick. Anybody who paints has perhaps utilized a toothpick in place of a paintbrush.

Toothpicks hold the ideal amount of paint for painting small details while also giving you full control. If you choose to make use of a toothpick for the nail art, then make certain you have enough for every color. The nail polish that builds up finally makes your toothpick duller and thicker.

  • Colored Tips:

Those almost empty nail polish bottles can quit mocking you each time you check the nail polishes with the design of the colored tip. It looks like the French manicure, but it is cooler. It looks particularly good with glittery and sparkly nail polish.

Colored Tips

For this design, the bolder color will look better. Although beginners might desire to stick to just utilizing one color, more experienced individuals can have a little more fun with some basic design by appending small complementary colors’ stripes. The metallic nail polishes make for a few of the most professional-looking and striking stripes.

  • Starfish Nails:

There are about two thousand diverse species of starfish that come in all diverse shapes and colors. If you want to theme the nails to the trip to the beach, starfish are a few of the simplest ocean beings to paint.

Starfish Nails

All you have to do is begin by painting the base of the nails using a light color, such as a soft shade of green or blue. Then select a color for the starfish. Pink and orange are two of the most common starfish colors.

You can take nail inspiration from the most well-known starfish, SpongeBob Squarepants’ Patrick Star. He’s well known for wearing green-yellow pants that have lilac flower outlines covering them. The 4-petaled flower design is quite easy to draw and is iconic enough for getting anybody excited about the nails.

  • Two-Tone For Double The Fun:

The 2-tone nails are the ideal way of incorporating two colors from the outfit into the design. You can have these 2 colors split down the center horizontally or vertically, and they’ll still look wonderful.

Two-Tone For Double

If you desire to give the nails a bit of Avant-garde inspiration, split them slantwise. A great way of getting a smooth line is to utilize the lighter of the two colors as the base. Once the base coat is dried, prudently create a quick line across the point where you desire to divide these colors.

If you want a 50/50 split, start the 2nd color a few millimeters away from where you think the center of the nail is. If you think you have gone really far with the 2nd color, you can always cover that up using a white or black stripe!

  • Bubbles For A Bubbly Personality:

Bubbles are the ideal way of elevating the blue nail design. You can create circles by simply dabbing a darker shade of blue on top of the lighter blue background. You can also invert these two shades if you desire to.

Bubbles For A Bubbly

An added detail you can append is comma-shaped light reflections to the upper side of the bubble. The light reflections will look great in the white or palest blue. Before you append any design, simply make certain that the bottom layer is totally dry.

Otherwise, you can experience the design bleeding. The bubble design will look great with white tips. You can differ the position and amount of the bubbles for a livelier design or create them all the same. The bubbly nails will look ideal when you take a photo of them with the water as the backdrop.

  • An Absolutely Tasty Design:

A green or red outfit is the ideal outfit for pairing watermelon nails with! You can do the watermelon look with one nail or all five! Even the single finger has choices. You can create the tip of the nail or the cuticle of the green watermelon rind.

Absolutely Tasty Design

Append some red below or above with a few black teardrop-shaped seeds. This delectable design can even be spread across the full hand. Make use of a lighter and darker shade of green for making stripes, or you can make use of one solid color on 2 of the fingers.

The middle finger can have half green with a white stripe dividing the red from the green. The rest of the fingers can be red with dark teardrop seeds. Watermelon is the definitive summer snack!

The Best Beach Nails:

Not everyone has the outfits planned out before time. White fingernail polish is the niftiest choice you have. Those who want to append a bit more color to their beach nails will desire to look towards soft shades of yellow and blue to go with the sapphire waters and golden sands. Every summer just happens once, and you will never have a summer that’s exactly like the last.

Make the best of the summer swimsuits with a little more design and art knowledge. Summers are for going wild and having fun. Be bold with the nails! Take more time you might have in the summer for elevating the nail polish game and enjoy a lifetime of more lovely nails.

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